Your favorite modifications with pictures.


I thought it'd be cool to share your favorite exterior, interior and performance mod along with a picture :) Might be a good way to share some ideas for those of us looking for new things to do with our mustang.


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According to everyone here it's the rear of my Mustang once I shaved everything:

I myself like the clean look of the whole car though:


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My favorite mods are the painted engine bay, hidden nitrous system, and all the hidden/deleted wires/vacuum lines/fuse box/CCRM/coolant tank/various engine bay items.



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Personally...the window tint....makes driving during the day so much less...squinty....oh and that big thing ive got hanging between my radiator and engine block (pics in the link in sig).


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what was your big step up besides rims? am I missing something?
You dont think moving form 5 spoke silver stock 16's to 18x9 1995 Cobra R Chrome 5 spoke wasn't a big enough step? :lol:

The wheels also dropped my car a little too... making the Steeda Sports actually LOOK like steeda Sports... and I got 4 bolt Chrome MM C/C plates.. but you cant see those ;)