You're killing me, Smalls


Pine away for your banner years.

Tom Guiry, who played "Smalls" in the iconic movie The Sandlot, was arrested over the weekend after headbutting a cop, reports TMZ.

A source told TMZ how it all went down:

We're told Guiry was at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston over the weekend when a United Airlines employee concluded he was too drunk to fly.

Law enforcement sources tell us, the employee contacted an airport cop, who approached Guiry and gave him two options: a public intoxication arrest, or the drunk tank.

Guiry then made a terrible mistake—allegedly becoming belligerent and verbally abusive ... and even threatening the officer. Guiry then allegedly tried kicking the cop in the face and then scored a headbutt.

Guiry was booked for felony assault on a police officer and posted the $5,000 bail.

Everyone say it with me: "You're killing me, Smalls!"



Take Warning
A very interesting picture indeed.

For some strange reason that chap reminds me of Cartman in the Special Olympics episode.